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Bruno Waterfield
Tom Whipple
Science Editor at The Times
Tom Whipple joined The Times in 2006. As a science correspondent, he writes science news and features across the paper.
Bruno Waterfield
Rachel Sylvester
Columnist at The Times
Rachel Sylvester is a political columnist at The Times. She started writing about politics in 1996 and was a lobby correspondent on The Daily Telegraph before becoming political editor of The Independent on Sunday.
Bruno Waterfield
Matthew Parris
Columnist at The Times
Featuring in Royals: The Windsors
Matthew Parris joined The Times in 1988. He was the paper’s parliamentary sketch writer for 13 years and now writes a diary column on Wednesdays and an opinion column on Saturdays.
Bruno Waterfield
Bruno Waterfield
Brussels correspondent at The Times
Bruno Waterfield is the Brussels correspondent for The Times. He has reported on European affairs for 15 years, first from Westminster and then from the capital of the European Union.
Bruno Waterfield
Jonathan Morrison
Architecture Correspondent at The Times
As an Architecture correspondent, Jonathan Morrison writes regular pieces for the Times on building structure and design
Bruno Waterfield
Nancy Durrant
Arts Commissioning Editor at The Times
Nancy Durrant is the arts commissioning editor at The Times, focusing on visual art and theatre, as well as an art critic since joining the paper in 2003.
Bruno Waterfield
Michael Binyon
Contributor at The Times
Michael Binyon has been an editorial writer, columnist and foreign correspondent for The Times since 1971. For 15 years he was based overseas, reporting from Moscow, Washington, Bonn and Brussels, before returning to London in 1991.
Bruno Waterfield
Neil Fisher
Deputy Arts Editor at The Times
Neil Fisher is deputy arts editor and music critic for The Times. He joined The Times in 2004 and has written reviews and features on classical music and opera since then.
Bruno Waterfield
Oliver Kamm
Leader Writer and Columnist at The Times
Oliver Kamm is a leader writer and columnist for The Times. He joined the newspaper in 2008 and now writes popular weekly columns on language and the economy.
Bruno Waterfield
Kat Lay
Health correspondent at The Times
Kat Lay is health correspondent at The Times, which she joined in 2012. She has previously worked at the News of the World and the People newspapers.
Bruno Waterfield
Roger Boyes
Diplomatic Editor at The Times
Roger Boyes has been with The Times since 1981. He is the main editorial writer on foreign matters and writes a weekly column on foreign affairs. Boyes currently serves as the paper's Diplomatic Editor and specialises in many areas, including Chinese affairs.
Bruno Waterfield
Oliver Moody
Science correspondent at The Times
Oliver Moody has been The Times’ science correspondent since 2015. His particular interests are in biology, medicine, artificial intelligence, and behavioural economics.
Bruno Waterfield
Richard Morrison
Chief Music Critic at The Times
Richard Morrison is the chief music critic of The Times and writes a wide-ranging weekly column on cultural and social matters. Previously, he also edited the paper's arts pages.
Bruno Waterfield
Rachel Campbell Johnston
Chief Art Critic at The Times
Rachel Campbell-Johnston is the chief art critic at The Times. Appointed in 2002, she has also been the paper's poetry editor, leader writer, deputy comment editor, obituary writer and deputy books editor.
Bruno Waterfield
Mark Bridge
Technology correspondent at The Times
Mark Bridge is technology correspondent at The Times. He started his Times career in 2006 as a personal finance reporter, and has also written for the Money and Bricks & Mortar sections.
Bruno Waterfield
Daniel Finkelstein
Columnist at The Times
Daniel Finkelstein, appointed to the House of Lords in 2013, writes a weekly column for The Times. Previously, he was adviser to Prime Minister John Major and Conservative leader William Hague.

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