The Orchestra: Making Beautiful Music Together

We’re all musicians at heart. Science has proven the deep connection that our cultures have with music, so it is no wonder that we all respond when our favourite songs come on the radio. Yet, only a few of us develop this connection so profoundly that we actually perform music for a living. In this course, we’re putting you in the shoes of the musician, taking a look at the mind and mettle required to make orchestral music come together. We’ll dive deep into the inner workings of the orchestra and highlight exactly what goes into a virtuoso group performance.

Featuring subject matter expert

Richard Morrison
Richard Morrison

Chief Music Critic at The Times

Richard Morrison is the chief music critic of The Times and writes a wide-ranging weekly column on cultural and social matters. Previously, he also edited the paper's arts pages.

What makes an exceptional conductor?

When the really great conductors walk into a room, it's like when the President of the United States walks into a room, everyone is focused on them. They have that kind of charisma.

Course Overview

  • Discern why the conductor is the orchestra’s guiding voice, exercising his or her interpretation of the music and vision for the performance.
  • Find out why good leadership and teamwork are essential to a successful performance.
  • Understand how lacking confidence is a barrier to communication from the conductor to the entire orchestra.
  • Recognise that live performance is subject to the whims of the audience, making an understanding of audience temperament and habits essential for any musician.
Course content
  • 10 Full HD Video Lectures
  • Downloadable Course Handouts
  • Knowledge Assessment Quiz
  • Interactive Group Discussion Task
  • Q&A Session with a Subject Matter Expert
  • Certificate of Achievement

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