The Age of Big Data

As the Internet has matured and become commercialised, one thing has become abundantly clear: companies know more about you than you know about them. The reason for this is big data, and how data that pertains to you is acquired, accessed, and applied is everyone’s business. This course will look at some of the algorithms and other antics that are employed by internet companies to turn you into a set of data points that maximise your consumer potential. And, we’ll investigate how much we can protect ourselves in the Age of Big Data.

Featuring subject matter expert

Mike Weston
Mike Weston

Managing Director of Agillic

The current managing director of Agillic, Mike Weston is an expert on the intersection of data, technology, and marketing and the direction of big data.

In your view does Big Data pose a threat to society?

Big Data is simply a resource. How it is used is the more interesting question and that's where the potential threat sits.

Course Overview

  • Review how data is collected and stored, analysed and used in today’s interconnected world.
  • Recognise patterns and behaviours that help organisations uncover and improve processes and methods.
  • Determine the loss of privacy individuals experience as businesses treat data as a form of currency.
  • Observe how data is shaping the future of industry with AI and other highly advanced analytical capabilities.
Course content
  • 7 Full HD Video Lectures
  • Downloadable Course Handouts
  • Knowledge Assessment Quiz
  • Interactive Group Discussion Task
  • Q&A Session with a Subject Matter Expert
  • Certificate of Achievement

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