Modern Masters: The Architecture of Norman Foster

Offices, airports, train stations. Merely thought of as entry and exit points, buildings with certain purposes help us make our ways from home, to work, elsewhere and everywhere. Either they perform basic functions in hosting us during the day and night, or aide in the transit between countries. Or, they become well-imagined creations that elude a touch of futuristic genius and creativity that go beyond the proverbial brick wall. We've lived and continue to live amongst great design luminaries that have helped shaped the modern landscape shaping our high-rise world. With the ongoing desire to blend technology, culture, nature with architecture, Norman Foster has always looked at buildings and their concepts with a renewed sense of purpose, through the lenses of sustainability and how they actually impact upon our experiences within them.

Featuring subject matter expert

Jonathan Morrison
Jonathan Morrison

Architecture Correspondent at The Times

As an Architecture correspondent, Jonathan Morrison writes regular pieces for the Times on building structure and design

How do architects like Foster address cultural sensitivities that come with a project such as the Reichstag?

Most architects will tell you the most important part of their job is listening and that you have to listen to local sensibilities.

Course Overview

  • See how mindful, humane design can elevate the experience we have with architecture.
  • Grasp the intertwining aspects of the natural world within the designs of some of Foster’s buildings.
  • Appreciate how recycling and natural power have increased in popularity when designing the systems of new buildings.
  • Identify how architects must now consider the cultures and traditions of a region within their designs.
Course content
  • 10 Full HD Video Lectures
  • Downloadable Course Handouts
  • Knowledge Assessment Quiz
  • Interactive Group Discussion Task
  • Q&A Session with a Subject Matter Expert
  • Certificate of Achievement

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